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Clubnight, 6 September 2015, Christine Wheeler and Friends

Christine Wheeler and Friends - Jane Thompson, Leigh Birkett and James Rigby - presented their ‘Rain in the Mountains' Show featuring songs from Henry Lawson.

Christine Wheeler and Friends


Life members honoured , 12 December 2014

Three new life members

Three long serving members of the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club were awarded Life Membership at the Christmas function in Tyers.

Lyndal Chambers, one of the founding members of the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club returned to the familiar grounds of the Tyers Hall, and was surprised with the presentation.

Lyndal was an active teacher in local schools for many years, and her role as President of the Acoustic Club was instrumental in developing the club.

Barb Brabets, Traralgon resident and current Treasurer of the club, was recognised for her outstanding efforts in administration and event management.

Like Lyndal, Barb has been on the committee for over 15 years, and her energy and enthusiasm was instrumental in establishing and managing many of the programs the club offers.

Barry Stuckey, also President of the Club for many years, was recognised for his efforts to share music, welcome new members, and develop new programs like the ukulele classes and annual Uke Muster.

Also a Traralgon resident, Barry is well known for his great mandolin playing and welcoming smile.

An honour board will be established in the Tyers Hall to record these life members, and the only previous life member, Alan Chambers.


Uke Muster, 24-25 October 2014

Over 100 people attended the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club's annual Uke Muster.

People came from all over Victoria to join in the workshops, jam sessions and concert offered throughout the Muster. Friday night saw people arriving from far and wide, enjoying a shared meal, an opportunity to sell second hand musical instruments and then a jam session.

Saturday morning commenced with beginner lessons for primary school students, led by Carolyne Boothman. Twenty adults attended the adult beginner session, with most attendees having recently bought a ukulele and needing some assistance to get started.

The Boolarra Ukulele Group, known as BUG, led a jam session in the morning also. After a delicious shared lunch, during which BUG performed some great items, a series of three workshops were held. These were led by Harry Harrison from the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, and focused on developing better strumming techniques.

Throughout the fabulous dinner Tayla Unstead and Mike Forwood performed some terrific duets, and Harry Harrison had the crowd spellbound.

Many acts then entertained the crowd by providing concert items, including the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club's Traralgon and Yinnar beginner, intermediate and jazz ukulele groups, Carolyne Boothman, members of the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, Boolarra Ukulele Group, and a surprise appearance by well-known musicians Brian Strating and Lyndal Chambers.

Harry Harrison Lyndal Chambers and Brian Strating Barry Stuckey Jug'n Jazz


The Ukelele workshop Kristian Mizzi and Tim Woodz Kristian Mizzi and Tim Woodz A member of the Melbourne Ukelele Group


Clubnight, 1 June 2014, Kristian Mizzi and Tim Woodz

The GAMC June Clubnight was a hit with fabulous performers Kristian Mizzi and Tim Woodz pairing up for a night of great singing, instrumental work and own compositions.

Kristian Mizzi and Tim Woodz


Uke Muster IV, 26 October 2013

About 200 people attended the Muster, participating in beginner and intermediate workshops, jam sessions and a concert.

Featuring performances from the workshop groups, the concert then included local groups Ukelicious (both the Traralgon and Yinnar groups), BUG (Boolarra Ukulele Group), MUK (Melbourne Ukulele Kollective), In Spite of our Ukes, Tim Woods and Latrobe River Band, and a hilarious performance by the Strzelecki Uke Busters, usually known as the Strzelecki Stringbusters.

Theo and Flora Carbo Melbourne Ukelele Kollective In Spite of Our Ukes T'ukelicious Intermediate Workshop


Acapella Festival, 10 August 2013

The Gippsland Acoustic Music Club hosted the annual Acapella Festival for Gippsland choirs and singing groups. Seven choirs from all across Gippsland performed a great variety of songs and styles in the evening concert. Prior to the Concert Lyndal Chambers and Brian Strating led an action packed singing workshop, loosely based on a "train" theme, and then this was also performed at the evening concert.

Pictured is the 45 member strong Gippsapella Choir from the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club, who practiced for only 5 weekly sessions prior to performing at the concert. Over 150 people attended the workshop and concert, making the Acapella Festival another great success.

Gippsapella Choir


Club Night, 7 July 2013, Nick Charles supported by Ryan Shore and Alicia Aitken

Nick Charles Unsung Heroes


Club Night, 7 April 2013, featuring Bruce Watson's Unsung Heroes show

Unsung Heroes


Club Night, 3 March 2013, featuring the Corinn Strating Band

The Corrin Strating Band Rod and Rhonda Owen


Ukelicious at the Melbourne Ukelele Festival, 1-3 March 2013

The Gippsland Acoustic Music Club's ukulele group, known as "Ukelicious", performed by invitation recently at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival. The group comprises beginner and experienced musicians, but each member has only been playing the ukulele for 12 months or less! The group performed songs such as "Brown Eyed Girl", "Deep in the heart of Gippsland," and "Ring of Fire," and had the audience up dancing in the aisles to "Twist and Shout."

The Melbourne Ukelele Festival


Club Night, 3 February 2013, featuring Faux Grass

Faux Grass Ukelicious


Club Night, 2 December 2012, featuring Valanga and Andrea Khoza

Valanga and Andrea Khoza


Uke Muster III, 13 October 2012

Over 90 people attended the third annual Uke Muster at Tyers. People from as far as Tubbut in East Gippsland, to the far reaches of Melbourne were in attendance. There was lots of smiling, laughter and sharing of great music.

BUG Greg Simmons Vonnie


uRedwood Ukelicious Beginners' workshop Beginners' workshop


Beginners' workshop Advanced workshop Beginners' workshop

Link to ABC Gippsland's report and interviews.


Gippsapella at Club Night, 5th August 2012



Club Night, 2nd October 2011, featuring Daniel Calabro

Daniel Calabro Daniel Calabro


Gippsland Acapella Festival , 13th August 2011

Gippsapella Choir Gippsapella Choir


Club Night, 7th August 2011, featuring Tweeter



Club Night, 3rd July 2011, featuring Jenny Biddle

Jenny Biddle, feature act for July Club Night Jenny Biddle The Nigellas


Winter Camp, 24-26 June 2011, Munjara, Lake Glenmaggie

The Winter Music Camp was favoured by sunny weather and music could be heard coming from many different venues around the camp. The Camp provided a great opportunity for musicians and singers to spend time together sharing songs and tunes and plenty of good company.

Christmas dinner Steve and Bill Barry, Bruce, Lyndal & Nev

Group session Jeannie & Margaret


Club Night, 5 June 2011, featuring Takin' Time

Takin' Time Sue, Colin and Lee Terry Cupples

Colin Parrish Peter and Ruth Chambers


Moe Music Festival, Old Gippstown, 1 May 2011

Strzelecki Stringbusters Redwood & Friends


Catriona McKay and Chris Stout, 3 April 2011

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout Mike, Peter, Steve


Summer Camp, Mt Baw Baw, 28-30 January 2011

JoJo Smith In Spite of Ourselves In Spite of Ourselves


In Spite of Ourselves In Spite of Ourselves JoJo Smith


Café Concert , 7 November 2010, featuring Croque Monsieur

JoJo Smith In Spite of Ourselves


Clubnight, 5 September 2010, featuring JoJo Smith & the Brothers of Love

JoJo Smith In Spite of Ourselves


Winter Music Camp, Caringal Scout Camp, 25-27 June 2010

Izzy & Simone Sophy singing her song Junior club members Marjorie and Bazz
Serving dinner Piggy pudding Christmas dinner Ann & Trevor
John & son Judy and Rhonda Peter & Madeline Cal & Stucks


Club Night, 11 April 2010, with the Molly Maguires and the Frid'y Nighters

Molly Maguires The Frid'y Nighters


Moe Music Festival , 8 March 2010 with Wulaba, Molly Maguires, and many more

Wulaba The Molly Maguires In Spite of Ourselves
Sarah O'Dowd Barry and Judy Woods Tim Woods


Club Night, 4 October 2009, with Andy Rigby and Polly Christy

Polly Christy & Andy Rigby Andy Rigby Vocal Nosh James DiFabrizio


Yinnar Recovery Concert, 26 September 2009, with Gippsapella

Group photo Gippsapella


Club Night 6 September 2009, featuring Welcome Strangers

Welcome Strangers Bluegrass Support Group


A Capella Festival August 2009

Richard Lawton being introduced Three generations Richard Lawton leading
Singing exercises More singing exercises Richard Lawton


Club Night 5 July 2009

Mary, Lara & Maria Vonnie Annie In Spite of Ourselves Josh and Scotty Stucks


Winter Music Camp, Caringal Scout Camp, 19-21 June 2009

Doss & Alan Pam & Annie


Club Night 7 June 2009

FEVA Pitch Back to Basics


Club Night 1 May 2009

River Crombie In Spite of Ourselves


Club Night and Vocal Nosh, 5 April 2009

Gerry Hale Scott Eaton April Nosh


Vocal Nosh 1 March 2009

March Nosh


Yinnar ARC, 4 January 2009, Mountaineers and Strzelecki Stringbusters

Mountaineers Mountaineers & Stringbusters


Club Night 26 October 2008, Big Sing November 2008

Jenny M Thomas Annie O'Brien 2008 Big Sing


Events, July - September 2008

Gippsapella Annie & Judy 2008-09 Committee


Club Night, June 2008, Dev'lish Mary & Family Tree

Dev'lsih Mary Dev'lsih Mary Dev'lsih Mary Family Tree


Club Night, April 2008, Kazband

Karen Kyriakou leading Kazband Terry Cupples, Danny Boothman and Andy Taylor


Club Night, February 2008, Coolgrass

Coolgrass, February 2008 Coolgrass - top bluegrass with a twist Coolgrass entertained with their harmonies

Jim Golding (banjo), Angus Golding (bass), Bruce Packard (mandolin) & Doug Wallace (guitar) Brody Young, guitarist, singer, songwriter for the Brody Young Band Brad Taylor, bass guitarist, Brody Young Band Daniel (Butch) Negro, Brody Young Band


Summer Camp, Balook, January 2008

Summer Camp, Balook Summer Camp, Balook Summer Camp, Balook


Club Night, December 2007, "One Song Wonder"

flautist Andrea Annemarie Alan Chrise

Sean Judy and Barry Lyndal and Strat Frank and Sarah


Club Night, October 2007, featuring Andy Rigby.

Andy Rigby on tin whistle Andy Rigby on marimba Andy Rigby with Paraguan harp Annie and Vonnie

Brian Strating, Lyndal Chambers and Andy Rigby Lyndal, Strat, Danny, Andy and Annie


25th Birthday celebrations, on 23 June 2007.

25th birthday celebrations 25th birthday celebrations 25th birthday celebrations Blowing out the candles

25th birthday celebrations Playing a jig


March 2007 Club Night - second show for the month, featuring Alistair Hulett and Dave Swarbrick.

Alistair Hulett Damien Nardino and Phoebe Trinidad Dave Swarbrick with Alistair Hulett Reece Nichol & Jack Negro


December 2006 Club Night - With local musicians, community singing, and a supper to celebrate.

Brian, Lyndal and Steve Schultz The Le Grangers Judy and Barry Victor and Steve


June 2006 - at the Welcola Winter camp.


May 2006 Club Night - Stella and the Night Sky Band; The Molly Maguires

Stella Stella and the Night Sky Band The Molly Maguires' flautist