Membership 2018 2019

ABN  87348281645  Reg No.  A 0015362R

Membership Form 2018-2019

Membership runs from 1 July to 30 June

Membership fees are : Family $20, Single $15, Concession $12, Under 18 free

Please provide the following details:



Preferred Phone No:.  _____________________________________________________

Email Address:____________________________________________________________

Payment may be made by cheque, direct deposit or cash.

Cheques should be made out to the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club and may be mailed to:

Gippsland Acoustic Music Club, Inc

c/o Barb Brabets

21 Hickox Street

Traralgon VIC 3844

Direct Deposits may be made to Bendigo Bank

BSB Number 633 000 Account Number 163 729 114

Please remember to include your name.

Cash payments may be given to the Treasurer, Barb Brabets at club nights.

Apart from many other benefits, Admission to Club nights is $5 less for members.

The GAMC Code of Conduct is on the opposite side of this form.  Please read and sign the agreement below:

I have read and agree to abide by the GAMC Code of Conduct : _____________________



ABN  87348281645  Reg No.  A 0015362R


Aim of this code:

The Gippsland Acoustic Music Club Incorporated (GAMC) provides musical activities including concerts, festivals, workshops, singing groups, instrumental groups, camps and lesson programs. The Club aims to provide these musical opportunities for all, in a family friendly, smoke free environment.

Prospective members may apply to the GAMC Committee for membership, as per the Model Rules.

Upon accepting to become a member of the GAMC , members (including Committee members) agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct:

Every person involved with the activities of GAMC, should work to ensure:

  • Opportunities for people of all abilities to participate in the musical activities
  • Respect is shown towards others, the club and the broader community
  • A safe and inclusive musical environment for all
  • Non-tolerance of violent behaviour, offensive language, bullying and generally offensive behaviour
  • Non-tolerance of behaviours affected by alcohol, drugs and/or other behaviours which are illegal and/or reflect poorly on GAMC, and bring the club’s image into one of ill repute.
  • Protection from sexual harassment and personal intimidation.
  • GAMC respects individual rights of expression in a non-offensive manner. As an individual’s point of view, the club will not be drawn to reflect those views. Political or offensive views are inconsistent with this Code of Conduct.
  • Normal practice at all GAMC meetings is for any conflict of interest to be declared.
  • Any general or committee member, with a declared conflict of interest, is required to absent themselves from related discussion and decisions where requested at any GAMC meeting.
  • Any payment of GAMC funds made to a GAMC member or committee person must be for club services rendered, and a tax invoice received as proof of payment.
  • No exemption from payment of normal member costs will be made without committee approval in special circumstances.
  • No committee member shall act or represent GAMC in a unilateral manner without committee delegation and/or prior agreement by the GAMC Committee.