Calendar 2018 2019

Date                                                     Event


Sunday 7 April    Michael Waugh  Support Act Trevor Robinson Vocal Nosh Jacquie Paulson

Sunday 5 May  Neon Effect Support Act Wendy Sellings Vocal Nosh Wendy Sellings

Sunday 2 June  Cafe Culture Series The New Hip  Support Act : Me, Him and the other guy

Sunday 7 July  Support Act Ukelicious

Sunday 4 August Cafe Culture Series Canyon  Support Act Gippsapella

Saturday 10 August ACapella Festival

Sunday 1 September

Saturday 14 September Ukulele WingDing

Sunday 6 October  Jugularity Support Act :                    Vocal Nosh : Brian Strating

Sunday 1 December Cafe Culture Series Dr Herandez